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  1. Puf que mala suerte, siento mucho que hayas per­dido tu por­tá­til. Pero como te han dicho ya ahora ten­drás uno nuevo y mejor. :)Me ale­gra saber que al menos has podido lle­gar a casa el día que espe­ra­bas, aun­que hayas tenido tan­tos problemillas.Pásalo bien estos días con tu fami­lia y come muchos dul­ces navideños. ^^

  2. Certaines planches originales de Reiser se négocient aujourd’hui à plus de 1000 €.Pour du dessin minable de mecs vaguement représentés en slip dégueulasse, c’est quand même exagéré !Manquerait plus que les dessins approximatifs de Marion arrivent à se vendre. Non mais, où va-t-on, je vous le demande, où va-t-on ?

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  5. Bob Strauss………….. We need to hope and pray that the cold front does NOT mix into the tropical storm………..this produces NOREASTERS, which are really BAD ASS. Ask any mariner who has been aboard a ship which got caught in such a storm. Remember the movie Perfect Storm? Well hollywood exaggeratted it all a LITTLE. But taking away the hollywood exaggeration these storms are still B-A-D. Such a situation also sent the Fitzgerald to the bottom……….loosely called a November Witch.

  6. Анонимный мыслитель / Заебал, Вольняша советы давать, лучше бы про политику спросил. Про Ботокса и к нему отношение и.т.д.А так, Тисак адекватен, норм чо.

  7. Cram: lol. Yes. The nation is in dire jeopardy as I didn’t recognize all the school board names in my county! Outside of school board, I only knew nothing of the 3 judges mentioned and whether they should be retained or not.Jan: I haven’t even listened or watched OReilly in a week, I’d guess. So, I’ve no idea what you’re talking about. Is it just possible that someone else sees the same thing and worries about the same issues?

  8. abdelkarim     nous dit le salamc’est triste car celui qui paie les pots cassés de l’agenda des matérialistes qui ne voient que l’argent pour l’élimination de la race humaine, ce sera toujours l’innocent.soyons unis et aguérient aux stratagèmes de l’impérialisme. cela est un autre débat.

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  10. Personally, I think it’s a great idea, to build your home with no debt or anything. We’ve talked about doing it, we can’t find anything big enough for our family to rent. I wish we had done it, I’m one of those people who lost their homes (and no, I was NOT living above my means either), and you’re doing a very smart thing!

  11. Another sick example of corrupt power and entitlement by another shithead who thinks everybody owes him something. Sick. People who have gained wealth for nothing, no contribution to society at all; simply don’t get it. YOU DON’T TREAT PEOPLE LIKE THAT MAN! I don’t care who you think you are. We are all just a mass of minerals and tissue, we all bleed, and yes, we all die. Back to my point We will all succumb to death, the question we should all be pondering each day with that in mind is this: How shall I live before I too must die?

  12. Et c’est la raison pour laquelle seuls le feu et les joyeux bûchers d’antan sont des solutions viables. Frère, tu as bien parlé. Que les flammes rédemptrices sauvent les âmes perverties et putrides de ces démons purulents, que notre Sainte Mère l’Eglise, dans la splendeur qui fut sienne et enfin retrouvée, anéantisse enfin ces bouts d’êtres à l’invisible morale !

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  14. Nur 5 Kinder in einer Klasse? Das sind ja traumhafte Verhältnisse :). Sind die genischt mit den Kindern aus der 2. Klasse? Hier würde man wohl die Schule schließen bei so wenig Kindern.

  15. Naminam, neliöt näyttävät ihanilta! Kotitekoinen Twix on minullakin roikkunut jo pitkään testilistalla, mutta vielä en ole saanut aikaiseksi. Nyt täytyykin ennen tuumasta toimeen ryhtymistä miettiä, minkä reseptin puoleen sitä kallistuisi, kun aiemmin näkemäni ohje on vähän erilainen kuin tämä. : )

  16. I knew most motorags were crap as soon as I started riding and reading them about 7 years ago. Why? Because they never had anything BAD to say about anything, bikes, gear, parts everything was always well made, a good price and would last. RRW I still read and I’ll buy the british mag Bike when I’m at the air port but that’s it.

  17. In the Uk, we celebrate mothers day in March, so its been and gone for me. I feel similarly to Traci, my relationship with my mother makes it hard to be one of those special days. I buy the card, the gift, but its almost robotic, not much thought goes into it. I know she did the best she could, but looking at my friends and their mothers I feel like I’ve been denied what should be a very significant relationship. And thats hard to forgive.

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  22. "It all comes down to goals. If you believe that…."At this point there is one goal and one goal only. That goal is the defeat of Obama. Everything else, at this point, is just political stuff and nonsense. The candidate who can defeat Obama is the candidate. All others can just Sit. Down.


  24. Really great read mate. I did Whistler with Damo (via Snowboards) and will never forget it. You painted some terrific ‘word pictures’ here and it sounded like an amazing adventure. Well done.

  25. Bonjour,faisant un travail sur les Frères Musulmans syriens, je voudrais avoir accès aux documents utilisés pour cet intéressant dossier… J’ai trouvé plusieurs articles des Frères Musulmans Syriens publiés sur « ikhwanweb » mais pas tous les communiqués ou articles cités dans le dossier… Auriez-vous gardé la liste des liens consultés ou pourriez-vous me dire sur quel site j’aurais une chance de retrouver les articles dans leur intégralité?Je vous remercie d’avance.

  26. This is the same guy that the Gators just hung 37 points on last Saturday? SECond in the nation but not very good against one of the best in the SEC. FSU took an SEC beating last weekend.

  27. New businesses cannot survive because they cannot compete against multinationals operating in the third world. New businesses are retail orientated businesses if they have a product to sell, that product is manufactured in Asia. We export our resources, and the third world preforms the value added operations and sends the finished product back to us. Did you say anti-market forces are aginst entrepreneurs, where did you get that information, it is simply not the case!

  28. Hi guys, well all I can say is omg that bloody hurt, had my op on Tuesday morn and got home bout 3:30, from wot I can remember he said it all went well pretty bad in there, the pain I’ve always had in there is totally gone which is amazing, but the pain from surgery is horrible,with a lot of help from lvly hubby I managed to hav a shower today and we’ve changed the dressings as well. Got to wait for outpatients app and then I can ask & find out more about what happened and what he found. Hope everyone is ok xxx

  29. I think up until just now I’ve missed the double meaning of Fishing For Words. I always thought it meant that you were at a loss for words…you know, fishing for words, as it were, and I never quite agreed because you never seem to be at a loss for well scribed words (which is to say that you write good). What can I say? I’m slow. Happy Birth Anniversay to Fishing For Words. As a gift I’d like to present you with a ®. Fishing for Words® deserves it.

  30. cybergirl / Eu percebi que a reportagem se refere a fatores químicos das lágrimas. Mas o pior é que, emocionalmente falando, tem homem que adora uma mulher chorosa, dramática, chatíssima… aff.. Odeio quem se coloca no papel de vítima.Gostei deste comentário ou não: 10

  31. 12 cookies per serving, and that there were about 3.5 servings inside. How could over 40 cookies fit into this small container? Well indeed, they are about 1/16" thick!I can't see making them that thin, but even at 1/8" that's still a reasonably thin cookie. The Salem Baking Company cookies are incredibly good, and I imagine these will either come close or match that. 🙂

  32. Je ne sais pas si quelques uns d’entres vous regarde BOulets Académie («Séduction 101»…minable comme nom mais bon..)..sur Musique PLus..De vrais boulets! Mais pire…lorsqu’ils se font éliminés, ils disent bla bla à leur copine et ..elles le reprennent !L’article je tombe sur des boulets m’a fait penser à cela..

  33. strange here – kdepimlibs-4.5 requires ~akonadi-1.4 – and even when this bug was introduced earlier – it definitely didn’t happen for me when I was using and testing 4.4 during its lifetime – so from my observation (kdepim packaged Gentoo way – so with dependencies set by myself) it’s actually regression in 4.5, so not a bug in something we’re shipping already.And we ship kdepimlibs-4.5 with KDE SC 4.5 (to work with kdepim 4.4) because it’s what KDEPIM devs support – your suggestion would be to ship kdepimlibs-4.4? (with previous stable akonadi – from 1.3 series?). This is apparently unsupported – for Plasma workspace akonadi dataengine claims to require KdepimLibs 4.4.60.

  34. I am so glad I decided to check my followers and start following some back because otherwise I would have never stumbled upon this wonderful post. It’s so nice and cheering to see such a positive view of my country coming from a foreigner! We must be doing something right!I x

  35. Wow, this has really motivated me to get the program and learn Japanese too. I’m so impressed at the amount that you have learnt. I think I’m going to do this with my boyfriend at some point! Thanks for the update on this, hope you will let us all know how it goes, looking good so far though! Also, sorry it took a while but I’ve linked you back on my blog now too in the links section!

  36. Lo que debes estar es bastante aburrido, que por otra parte no me extraña, tienes que tener CERO relaciones sociales, sólo hay que ver como te desenvuelves ……..para perder el tiempo así y tratar de buscar polémica donde no la hay. Y además te despides con “maqui navaja” ….. Penoso.Desde Ya te digo ,que no te voy a contestar a Nada , conmigo no vas a llenar tu Profundo Vacío.Sí , soy psicóloga!

  37. Beat/Shwe: If you meant HP6, I wont even try to analyze it, cos it is not meant to be. Its for the pre-teen and the teens, at the max. You and me are actually outside the target sector. So lets just read it As for Q&A, I have started it. Part of Swarup’s writing reminds me of Rushdie’s and partly of Shobha De’s ((i know its sacrilege!). Initial take, this is. Lets see, how it ends.Ramanand: Would give an arm and more to be doing what you are

  38. I would love to try any of the products you recommend for my curly hair. I think I have multiple hair types in my head – 3b, 3c and 4a. I’m having a hard time keeping my hair moisturized. It looks good when I leave the house but my the time I get home its dry. This frizz is horrible. Maybe your hair replenisher, curl curl cream and hair butter can help me manage my curls. Thanks!!

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  43. I found your blog a couple of months ago, and enjoy reading your posts. Give yourself a big pat on the back, for being so awesome! (I think you’re awesome!) I wanted to point out that so often I think many of us feel we need to shove our feelings deep down inside. I think it’s healthier to actually ‘feel’ them. Even healthier to express them. Good luck with what ever comes next! I’ll be here to read along with your adventures.

  44. Voilà enfin quelqu’un qui a lu l’article ! Je me suis fait les mêmes remarques en allant le consulter. Peut-être que davantage de monde (à commencer par les journalistes) devraient se donner cette peine…

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  46. conheço uma na rua de são marçal e decerto que iria lá se fosse mais perto de casa, especialmente porque está aberta aos sábados de tarde. a que uso, na rua do poço dos negros, quando tenho oportunidade de ir lá (aos sábados de manhã) não é gerida por chineses e talvez por isso feche ao sábado à tarde (não sei porquê, pois o talho não fecha). resultado: acabo por ter de ir ao mini-preço a maior parte das vezes que gostava de ir à frutaria…

  47. I freeze cut-up fruits like peaches, yellow & green kiwi, mangos, pineapple, bananas(cut in half), all berries and broccoli. These are added in different combinations with protein powder and (oatmeal or flax).I love chocolate,, so about 60% of the time I add cocoa. Sometimes, I add fresh gingerSince my ‘smoothie’ is always frozen, I eat it with a spoon (always)topped with crushed natural almonds.

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